Thought Leader

A thought leader is someone who is recognized as a visionary and who can clearly and effectively communicate that vision to others. S/he is a person who believes in embracing change and sees opportunities where others see difficulties or obstacles. A thought leader is creative, a risk taker, not satisfied with the status quo and almost always says “let’s try that” when everyone else might be saying “no way.” Finally, a thought leader is not afraid of shifting paradigms or thinking outside the box. In fact, for the thought leader, it is the ground of uncertainty that gives birth to all transformation.
For more than thirty five years, Rabbi Bookman has been a thought leader in a variety of disciplines and concerns. You can count on him to push the envelope and stretch what you thought was possible with dynamic teaching, programs, lectures, and workshops.
This is a partial list of titles and topics that he can bring to and individualize for your community:
A Soul’s Journey: The Five Stages of Spiritual Growth
God 101: (Re)creating Your Relationship with God
Shal-OM Meditation: Creating and Maintaining a Praxis of Silence
The Spiritual Workout: How Ten Minutes a Day Can Change Your Life
An Outline of Jewish History: 4,000 Years in Four Hours
Beyond Survival: How We Can Thrive in the 21st Century
Reading the Torah: An Owner’s Manual
The Archeology of Relationships: Living and Working Together
What Do I Exist To BE? Discovering Your Personal Life Mission
Youth-ing: The Art of Never Growing Old
Mission, Vision, Plan: Three Steps to Healthy Organizations
Creating Community in the Post-Modern Era: A User’s Guide
The New Paradigm: It’s Not Your Bubbe’s or Zayde’s Judaism